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Tips and Tools for Increasing Your Disability Insurance Sales

Published on May 16, 2017

Are you overlooking DI sales opportunities and leaving your clients’ income unprotected? During Disability Insurance Awareness Month, we are reminded of the important role that income protection plays in our clients’ lives. This month we’ll focus on emphasizing the importance of income protection and how to start that conversation with your clients. 

Click the titles below for prospecting and approach tools, our GBS Disability Insurance Factfinder, details on simplified issue programs, and tips on how to make quick add-on sales to existing life or DI policies.

Three Easy DI Upsell Tips

1. For every Key-Person or Buy-Sell Life policy sold, there may be an additional disability sale. Much of the underwriting done for a life policy can be used to underwrite a client for a DI policy. When applying for a life policy with Principal, if you use the TeleApp (Part B over the phone) you can have them ask the additional questions related to income and job duties to prequalify your client for DI. The Principal TeleApp process can be used with either their Accelerated Underwriting (medical exams not a routine requirement) or Traditional (Fully) underwritten cases.

2. For every DI policy, there may be a future DI sale via the Benefit Upgrade rider. Make it easy for your DI clients to add additional coverage as their income increases by using the Benefit Upgrade rider. They will be able to increase their monthly DI coverage with no additional medical underwriting. You’ll have a great reason to contact those clients in the future with some good news. Those increases are also fully commissionable.

3. For every DI sale to a highly-compensated client, there may be an immediate add-on DI sale to increase coverage beyond traditional market maximums. One of our Lloyd’s of London partners can quickly approve the added layer with proof of a recent domestic carrier policy. We can have the quote ready by the time you deliver the first policy.

Use these tools to get started: 

  • GBS Disability Income Fact Finder - To help get you started, use our GBS Disability Income Fact Finder to pre-screen your clients and forward to your brokerage manager once completed.
  • Why the Market is Ripe for Individual Disability Insurance - Here is an overview of the opportunities and approaches for DI sales for Small-Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and even C-Suite Executives. Provided by Doug Waters, CLU, RHU and Steve Brady at The Standard Insurance Company.
  • Simplified Underwriting Means Faster Sales - Principal's Simplified Underwriting program streamlines the DI underwriting process with a faster turnaround time, less documentation and most importantly – no exams. Maximum benefit amounts are capped, but all other policy features, riders and discounts remain available. Up to $4,000 a month for single life or $6,000 for multi-life.
  • Council for Disability Awareness - Campaign Resources - Each year, The Council for Disability Awareness joins forces with others in the insurance industry to raise awareness about the importance of income protection. The tools and resources on this page are designed to help advisors, employers, consumers, the media, and anyone else interested in understanding the need for every working American to protect his or her income. They provide Videos, Infographics, Social Media postings and more.
  • Personal Disability Quotient - - Calculate your Personal Disability Quotient with this easy online tool which shows your clients the probability of a disability event and the long term loss of income they may face.


Let us help you sell

Our DI partners and carriers will be happy to get on the phone with you and your client to walk you through proposals, make recommendations and help you make the sale. Contact a GBS Brokerage Director for more information or quote requests. 




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