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Underwriting Hepatitis C for Life Insurance

Did you know people born between 1945 and 1965 are five times more likely to have hepatitis C? With treatment, hepatitis C can be manageable. With an effective and consistent treatment plan, individuals can live healthy lives, and secure life insurance even at preferred rates.


Stable Returns with the Single Premium Life Strategy

By Gregg Kaufman, CLU, CFP

Did you know a well-designed single-premium life insurance contract can provide stable returns, no risk of market-based loss, early liquidity, tax-deferral and death benefit leverage? Learn more about the Single Premium Life Strategy and how you can give your clients a competitive, stable rate of return while benefiting from additional life insurance.


Is 10-Year Term Insurance Really the Best Choice?

Ten-year term is consistently one of the most often-sold products in our business. Though it is usually the “cheapest” in the short term, it might not be the best deal in the long run.


Underwriting Heart Disease for Life Insurance

Many people believe that heart disease will disqualify them from obtaining coverage, however, many Americans can still obtain adequate and affordable life insurance.


Introducing PruLIfe Essential UL

Starting June 12, 2017, Prudential will be launching their newest universal life product, PruLife Essential UL. With it, you can offer your clients the simple design they want with the contemporary benefits they need


Welcome To Our Vitality Resource Center

John Hancock’s new Vitality rider gives a client a wellness program with rewards and incentives for healthy living that can save them 10% or 15% on their future premiums. Available on UL and term at this time. 


Tips and Tools for Increasing Your Disability Insurance Sales

During Disability Insurance Awareness Month, we are reminded of the important role that income protection plays in our clients’ lives. This month we’ll focus on emphasizing the importance of income protection and how to start that conversation with your clients.


Guaranteed Universal Life Pricing Changes

Effective June 1, 2017, Mutual of Omaha will be updating their Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) product pricing for new issue policies.


The Changing Face of LTC and Caregiving - What You Need to Know

by Gregg Kaufman, CLU, CFP

In the last few years major carriers have left the traditional LTC marketplace whereas others have transitioned into a next-generation type of plan. Read more as we take a deep-dive into the changing areas of the Long-Term Care business.


Turbocharge your policy reviews with our brand new speedier review analysis tool

GBS is taking policy review to the next level with a brand new proprietary tool that allows us to analyze the entire marketplace of over 25 available carriers in just a few seconds.


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